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    2018 Schiavenza "Broglio" Barolo (Piedmont, IT) 6R


    Warmer growing regions, fully ripened grapes, extended barrel-aging add to the wine’s body

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    2018 Schiavenza "Broglio" Barolo (Piedmont, IT) 6R

    Broglio stands as Schiavenza's most extensive cru, boasting a 1.5-hectare expanse under their ownership. Positioned at an elevation of 360 meters above sea level, it enjoys a favorable south-eastern exposure. Distinguished by its slightly richer topsoil, Broglio emerges as the highest yielding vineyard in the Schiavenza portfolio. However, to maintain equilibrium and allow the authentic Serralunga terroir to shine, it demands a more intensive level of care and effort, including multiple rounds of canopy management, cluster thinning, and green harvesting. Among Schiavenza's quartet of Barolos, Broglio frequently exhibits a distinctive trait, often displaying greater aromatic and structural maturity at a youthful stage, potentially surpassing even the estate's Serralunga offering. This limited production results in just 4,800 bottles of this exceptional wine.

    About The Varietal


    Nebbiolo is the prominent grape variety responsible for the high-quality red wines found in northwestern Italy, especially the robust reds of Barolo and Barbaresco. These wines are often characterized by a unique aroma that combines scents of "tar and roses." Nebbiolo wines typically exhibit moderate body, robust tannins, elevated acidity, and are highly sought after, often commanding premium prices.


    Warmer growing regions, fully ripened grapes, extended barrel-aging add to the wine’s body