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    2021 Valravn Pinot Noir (Sonoma, CA) 3R

    UG Favorite
    Asian Producer


    Slightly more fruit and body thanks to warmer climates and riper grapes

    UG Favorite
    Asian Producer

    2021 Valravn Pinot Noir (Sonoma, CA) 3R

    This is an earthy, textured Pinot with an attractive and nuanced lushness. Candied cherry and raspberry flavors intertwine with hints of black tea and Asian spice. Tannins and oak remain soft and approachable, with an elegant finish despite the robustness of the palate. A real stunner that overdelivers on its price point and will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

    Give Valravn Pinot Noir a try if you are a La Crema fan!

    6 in stock!

    About The Varietal

    Pinot Noir

    Ranked as the 10th most widely planted grape variety globally, Pinot Noir has amassed a dedicated following among passionate wine enthusiasts. Originally the predominant red wine grape of Burgundy, its allure has led to widespread adoption and admiration in vineyards across the globe. The elusive charm of Pinot Noir has found a home in diverse wine regions worldwide.

    About The Producer


    Valravn Winery represents an investigation into Sonoma County, centered in the Russian River Valley. Established by Baron Zeigler, the creator of Banshee Wines, and led by AAPI winemaker Rob Fischer, these wines originate from vineyards cultivated sustainably, spanning from Annapolis in the north to the Petaluma Gap in the south.


    Slightly more fruit and body thanks to warmer climates and riper grapes