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    2021 Cantina Montisci “Modestu” Bianco (Sardinia, IT) 5W


    Medium-bodied wines with more structure and a mouth-feel similar to whole milk

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    2021 Cantina Montisci “Modestu” Bianco (Sardinia, IT) 5W

    The 2021 Cantina Montisci "Modestu" Bianco embodies the essence of Sardinia, a land of breathtaking landscapes, rich traditions, and captivating flavors. Whether you're sipping it on a warm summer evening or sharing it with loved ones at a special occasion, this wine invites you to experience the Mediterranean in a glass.

    Pair this medium-bodied wine with fresh seafood, such as grilled shrimp or branzino, to complement its bright acidity and mineral notes. Alternatively, enjoy it alongside light pasta dishes, salads, or as an aperitif with assorted Mediterranean appetizers. No matter what’s on your plate, you’ll be transported to Sardinia after just one sip!

    About The Varietal

    Moscato Bianco

    Moscato Bianco is an aromatic grape widespread in almost the entire Italian peninsula. It is a very versatile vine, whose wines are divided into three main categories: dry and aromatic wines, very fresh and easy to drink, sweet sparkling wines or late harvests, and sweet dessert wines. The white Moscato wines are very aromatic, light and elegant wines, with good freshness, with floral and citrus and sage notes.


    Medium-bodied wines with more structure and a mouth-feel similar to whole milk