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    *9W* 2021 Kumusha "Flame Lily" White Blend (Western Cape, SA)


    Lushly ripe grapes and lengthy oak aging combine for yummy full-bodied wines

    *9W* 2021 Kumusha "Flame Lily" White Blend (Western Cape, SA)

    These phenomenal wines are made by world renowned sommelier Tinashe Nyamudoka, whose explosive career in the South African hospitality scene ultimately led him to create his own brand. "Kumusha" is a Shona word meaning "your home," "your roots," or "your origin" and is a callback to his home country of Zimbabwe. Richness and sensuality are met with a taut minerally acidity, enhancing flavors of melon, white peach, apple, and lemon zest. Highly complementary to Asian inspired dishes or roasted chicken.

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    About The Varietal

    White Blend

    A white blend is a wine containing white grapes from more than one varietal. The most famous iteration of a white blend can be found in Bordeaux and the Rhone Valley, France. Other than France, white blends are commonly seen coming from California, South Africa, and Oregon.

    About The Producer


    Originally from Zimbabwe, Kumusha founder Tinashe Nyumudoka moved to South Africa where he began his journey in the wine industry. From waiter to head sommelier of Africa's highest acclaimed restaurant, The Test Kitchen, Nyumudoka decided to try his own hand at winemaking in 2017 when he first launched Kumusha with help of friend Attie Louw, a windemaker from the Opstal family estate in Slanghoek valley. From our first sip of Kumusha Sauvignon Blanc, we fell in love and instantly knew these would become staple bottles on our shelves.


    Lushly ripe grapes and lengthy oak aging combine for yummy full-bodied wines