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    2018 Vinos Guaname Merlot (Guanajuato, MX) 7R


    Creamier wines with balanced fruit, alcohol, acidity, and body. The "yummy" section.

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    2018 Vinos Guaname Merlot (Guanajuato, MX) 7R

    This fresh and herbaceous Mexican Merlot is smooth, rich, and round with notes of red berry and black plum, and notes of green veggies. Pair with a turkey burger topped with gorgonzola and sliced pears.

    About The Varietal


    Merlot is a red wine grape variety that holds significant historical connections to Bordeaux and the southwestern regions of France. It is linked both to approachable, easy-drinking red wines and to the prestigious labels of Saint-Émilion and Pomerol, showcasing its versatility in producing wines of various styles and qualities.

    About The Producer

    Vinos Guaname

    Established in 2011, Guanamé stands as a family-owned winery shaped by the vision of the third and fourth generations of Pájaro Azul's farming and ranching legacy. With a profound passion for wine, these generations recognized the land's distinctive attributes and the microclimate's suitability for vine cultivation at an elevation of 1800 meters. The initial Syrah vines were planted, marking the beginning of Guanamé's viticultural journey. The name "Guanamé" is a fusion of "Guanajuato" and "Mexico," paying homage to over 40 years of roots firmly grounded in this region. Nestled in the Jaral de Berrios Valley, San Felipe, north of Guanajuato, Guanamé originated in the Pájaro Azul Vineyards—a vibrant and historically rich landscape that serves as both a cradle of life and a witness to a storied past.


    Creamier wines with balanced fruit, alcohol, acidity, and body. The "yummy" section.