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    Widow Jane "The Vaults" 15 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskeys (Brooklyn, NY)

    Widow Jane "The Vaults" 15 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskeys (Brooklyn, NY)

    The Vaults is a unique series: exceptional & mature whiskey, rebarrelled in new cooperage. When distillate is barreled, it is young and wild. After a decade and half, it is mellow and mature. Placing The Vaults blend in new oak polishes older whiskey in a surprising way. It enhances the intensity, richness, and depth of flavor, giving it that Widow Jane signature taste.

    An act of congress in 1964 established bourbon as our only true American Spirit. Combining Tennessee & Indiana bourbon, blended & finished in New York, rebarreled in wood from the Missouri Ozarks, this truly is an American Spirit.

    In the Vaults tradition, you’ll find sweet tobacco and leather, vanilla, sarsaparilla, unsweetened cinnamon and cocoa powder, along with a hint of a seasoned oak campfire. It is cut to proof using the water of the legendary Rosendale mines of New York State. This complimentary ingredient lends beautiful minerality and a finish that can only be Widow Jane.

    Region: New York
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